Friday, 1 November 2013

A fave and a challange

Firstly I wouldn't write a post without giving you something nice to look at now would I? Oh no, so here's a pretty Fave to feast your eyes on...a lovely star lamp with circus style big bold lightbulbs. Simple, stylish and a bit ridiculous, just my cup of tea. And yes I'd definitely get the monkey too, I think it sets it off nicely, non?
Now the pretty bit is over and done with...let's get down to the business end of this post: the challenge. Now this blogger may be a fairweather blog poster with an unhealthy penchant for mugs and tea towels (not just on the blog embarrassingly enough). 

But for some perverse reason as if I'm not busy enough with my lovely busy job, handsome (he made me write that) boyfriend, demanding cat, Blookclub, scarf knitting, quilting and zumba lessons (yeah you read that right) I've decided to take up the Blog Every Day in November challenge. As set up by fabulous fellow blogger Rosalilium (read more about it here). 

So get set for a daily onslaught (or do I mean delight?) of blogposts from me for the month of November. Some may be tired. Some may be short. Some might even be half alright. But that's part of the fun isn't it? Isn't it?!

Lena Star Lamp, from Sisters Guild, price £152


  1. Completely. Why blog if not for the enjoyment? Amazing star lamp by the way - and very cute monkey!
    Claire xx

    1. Thanks Claire! It really is the nicest kind if challenge! X p.s. also a good excuse to explore other blogs, looking forward to reading yours and hearing more about your travels!