Thursday 31 October 2013

The Perfect Tea Towel: The Squirrel Cottage

While searching for something suitably spooky to be today's Perfect Tea Towel it might look like I was sidelined by this super sweet vintage one instead...
But...if you look closely, as it is old Hallow's Eve today, you'll see this it actually very sinister indeed.

Even though the main subject of this carefully embroidered tea towel may be a fluffy looking version of my favourite familiar (see example A) but there is still a much more scary Halloween creature wiggling its eight legs too. A very *very* frightening spider! Eek. 

So obviously this is well creepy and definitely a suitably tea towel to blog about on Halloween...definitely. 

(Excellent *rubs hands in glee* think I may have got away with blogging about a cat tea towel again...)

Vintage Cat Tea Towel, from The Squirrel Cottage on Etsy, price £6.39

Thursday 24 October 2013

The Perfect Tea Towel: Ktaadn

I'm really not a plaid, tartan or check kinda girl...but I might just have been turned with this tea towel. Behold the coolest checks that I've seen this side of Kansas:
Perhaps it is the subtly wiggly lines of this imperfect plaid that do it for me. Or just the simple colours popping out. Either way, with this tea towel...this girl is as checkered as gingham. 

Red and Blue Tea Towel, from Ktaadn, price $26

Monday 14 October 2013

Mondays are for Mugs: Future & Found

I'm keeping it simple this Monday, with the practicality and paired back cool of the enamel mug. 

This design from Future and Found is simply updated with the ever stylish diagonal black and white stripe. Souped up simplicity, in a mug suitable for a cuppa soup no less!

Sunday 13 October 2013

Sitting Room Fave: Silken Favours

A friend for Crumpet perhaps? Or just a cute cushion for my Habitat rocker? Either way...this Cyril cushion from Silken Favours would be a very welcome addition to my sitting room.

Thursday 10 October 2013

The Perfect Tea Towel: ticktacktoe

This Yarn tea towel from ticktacktoe seems like a most fitting choice for this week's Perfect Tea Towel...

As I spent last night surrounded by yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, half pints of ale, the saltiest chipotle chips, oh and a few crafty blogger pals (JoJessSiobhanMichelleAnnie and Leigh), at the first official Craft Club. 

Good times that must (of course, as is traditional on this here blog) be commemorated with a suitable crafty tea towel. 

Yarn Tea Towel, from ticktacktoe, price £10 on Etsy

Monday 7 October 2013

Monday are for Mugs: Home Slice

Yes I know Fridays are the traditional day for fish. But as I don't eat our be-finned friends I reckon I can get away with having a fishy themed mug of choice this Monday.  

Especially as this mug is dedicated to the good ole British Chippy. An institute for delicious, tempting, easy dinners...covered in lashing of salt, vinegar and tomato sauce obvs...
I spotted the Chippy Mug at the ever impressive Crafty Fox Market this weekend (next on in Brixton and Peckham this December - get there if you can!).

The Chippy Mug is a design from the brilliant Home Slice who are holding it up for everyday Britishness with their excellent designs inspired by the nostalgic domestic heroes of every Brit's youth. 

Chip shop chips and a nice cuppa - that could just be my new tradition for Mondays...

Chippy Mug, from Home Slice, price £15

Thursday 3 October 2013

The Perfect Tea Towel: Hanna Melin

Even as a certified card-carrying cat person I've found myself rather taken with this definitely doggy tea towel:
This perfect pooch tea towel is from Hanna Melin and if these pups can melt even this feline lovers heart you know it's a good one.

It (apparently) includes pics of breeds (or 'makes' as I repeatedly find myself saying) of Dalmatians, Schnauzers, Labradors, Komondors, Beagles, and Boston terriers. It's all just dogs to me, gimme a cat on my lap any day, but the Dogs Tea Towel? Yeah I'll have that too. Well they are wearing some pretty nifty top hats!