Thursday 10 May 2018


We're doing up a house. Eek! I don't think I ever really thought it would happen but the scrimping and saving, baked beans on toast and working like a demon years (and I mean years) have paid off and we are actually, really, doing up a house. 

Quitting London also made this possible, so we've now set ourselves up in a big yellow Victorian house by the sea in Hastings. It's totally liveable, but at the same time everything needs doing up. It needs a bit of love and quite a lot of paint. Which means we've got loads of little mini house renovation projects. It's the dream (well my dream). But putting my finger on the *exact* dream is causing me no end of gip. 

You'd think that over 10 years of working in interiors PR, reading homes magazines daily, immersing myself in the homeware world of my ex-daily grind might have set me up nicely for my first home renovation. 

But no, oh no, rather than feeling fully prepared...I am lost. Drowning in Pinterest pages of perfect subtley seasidey wallpapers, bathroom tiles (oh my) and dozens of open tabs for each ideal tap. Suddenly knowing seven places to buy the best door furniture isn't very useful when you don't reeeallly have a plan. Or a huge budget obvs.   

I've got lots of aspirations but no solid desire for one look or feel. Classic modern life problem of too much choice. So here's to making decisions and getting shit done. I'm now officially calling this my part-time job. Watch. This. Space.