Monday 30 December 2013

Mondays are for Mugs: Room39

I'm not one for new year's resolutions (well I mainly make them, break them and then curse myself for starting the whole sorry business) but in 2014 one of the things I'd like to grab by the proverbial horns is...knitting. 

I've dabbled in the dark arts of the yarn (including taking this ace class) so am on the path of mastering it and *this* is the year to do it.

Which is why I've chosen this splendid mug as an incentive to keep my needles a-clacking in 2014.
Knit and Loop Mug, by Room39, price £6.50 

Monday 16 December 2013

Mondays are for Mugs: Stacking Mugs

Stack 'em up. Stack 'em high. No not drinks, but this year's darlings of the Mug World (totally should be a thing) Stacking Mugs. These quirky kitchen additions can be cleverly used to make mug designs extra amusing. So here's my faves, any you fancy stacking?:
Tentacle Spectacular Mug Set, price $44.99, from Mod Cloth  

NY Brownstone Stacking Cups, price $19, from Feathered Home 

Mr Dear Set of Four Coffee Cups, price £45, from Jim Bob Art 

Stacking Skeleton Coffee Cups, price £55, from Phoebe Richardson 

Game of Thrones Crest Stacking Mug, price £20.06, from A Bird in the Hard at Etsy (one for @mrshorse) 

Thursday 5 December 2013

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Mondays are for Mugs: Hunkydory Home

Mondays are for Mugs! (Or y'know so are Tuesdays sometimes as we're not picky here now are we?!).

But shut the front door...I think I may have found my favourite festive mug...

The mug receiving this highest of accolades if the Fairy Lights Cup & Saucer from lovely Hunkydory Home. As I reckon it says everything I love about my kinda Christmas - bright, festive, fun and (above all) proper retro. 

Bring on the snow, Christmas pud and baubles - with this mug, I'm ready.