Tuesday 16 November 2010

H&M Home, first look

I had my first sneak into Hennes (or H&M as it calls itself nowadays) Home today. I think I am sold...
The collection is a nice mixture of colour, graphic, classic 50s, leopard (everywhere!) and girly, all very affordable.
The Oxford Circus flagship showroom has an Argos-style system that smartly keeps the displays simple and nicely styled, with magnetic product cards rather than tiny blue biros!
No purchases made, but I could be swayed by this faux lace bed would be lovely layered with pale pinks and a knitted wool blanket for the cold...mmm.

Sunday 7 November 2010

SCP warehouse sale, SE1

My indulgent Saturday lie-in meant that I left the SCP warehouse sale this weekend with zero purchases and a glum face.
The sale was amazing as predicted. The impressive modern furniture pieces were on offer for 90% off (beautiful dining tables for £180!)...but the early bird really did get the worm at SCP's warehouse.
Arriving an hour after opening time meant that I spent most of my time at the sale lusting over already sold items - I couldn't help but imagine what the already sold colourful would have look like next to my leather and teak sofa *sniff*.
Oh I'll learn and you'll find me camping outside the night before (Take That obsessive style) next time...