Saturday 20 March 2010

Mid Century marvel

I'm excitedly planning my trip to the Mid.century.Modern. design show tomorrow. The fair promises 'antiques of the future' which definitely sounds like something I'll like.


So I will be tootling over to the show in the (dare I say) rather fabulous grounds of Dulwich College School, where I'll be admiring the Scandinavian, European and American mid-century classic furniture.

But I'll more probably be actually buying from the young new designers exhibiting like the very cool People Will Always Need Plates.

On the look out for: classic tea tin (see ya PG Tips boxes), knick-knacks to decorate bookcase, Danish teak coffee table (which I will find, not be able to afford and then be very narked about) and lovely vintage fabrics to make things from.

Ah a design shopping Sunday...probably a blessing and a curse that it's not pay day for a week...sigh.