Thursday 30 May 2013

The Perfect Tea Towel: To Dry For

It would be a bit of an understatement to say that I like cats. And judging the mere existence of this little blog, you can probably tell I'm rather keen on furniture too. So no surprise that the Cat Naps tea towel picturing perfect pusscats on vintage chairs from To Dry For is already a top contender for The Perfect Tea Towel.
Cat Naps Tea Towel, from To Dry For, price £9.95

Monday 27 May 2013

Mondays are for Mugs: Lisa Jones/Soma Gallery

Something a bit snappy to wake you up this Monday the Crocodile Mug, by Lisa Jones, available at Soma Gallery. I do like my first cuppa of the day to have a bit of a bite to it...

Saturday 25 May 2013

Being Awesome in Verona

A day in Verona, a new camera, some pizza money and a copy of Be Awesome, by Hadley Freeman. Sounds like my kind of perfect: 
The town is actually a world heritage site and, boy, can you tell - the building are so beautiful and kept wonderfully well:

Beautiful stonework and details still intact:

There were incredible churches - this one was called the Anastasia: 

These are from another church just around the corner (there were so many beautiful ones!) Love the griffin: 

And the Arena, originally a Roman Ampitheatre it has been restored and is still used for opera and concerts today: 

I thought my gladiator sandals fitted in very well here!

And here's the rest of me!

I went in early May, the weather was warm but a little patchy at times (obviously not when these pics were taken!) I flew BA and it cost £75 return - very much recommended for a weekend, at least!

Thursday 23 May 2013

The Perfect Tea Towel: Fate London

Drying up is pretty rubbish. So why not cheer it up with a jolly tea towel? After having a long, in-depth conversation about the aspects of the Perfect Tea Towel (yes I know my life is ridiculous) it seemed a good challenge to go on the hunt for this ideal dish drying cloth. 

My first find is this very cool Tea Towel from new online shop Fate London. The graphic print and fluro pops are well on trend and just my cup of tea (towel - eh?!)

Fest Black Tea Towel, from Fate London, price £19

Disclaimer: I know washing up is *much* more of a pain than drying up...but sponges and scourers are not so pretty!

Monday 20 May 2013

Mondays are for Mugs: RoomForEmptiness on Etsy

To cheer up miserable Mondays I'm on the hunt for the most marvellous mugs. As we all know a cup of tea in your favourite mug is sometimes the *only* way to get through the beginning of the week.

So here's a sophisticated little mug to start with, the - Hand-Painted Vintage Cup in the "Somewhat Angular", range by RoomForEmptiness, on Etsy. Available for only £12.59, but as these are one-off upcycled vintage pieces - get in there quick. They also offer other beautiful ceramics hand-painted using this simple line design, so even more choices aside from this perfect little cup that Monday tea.

Hand-Painted "Somewhat Angular" Vintage Cup, from RoomForEmptiness, on Etsy, price £12.59