Sunday 30 August 2015


A love note to Greece. I'll be back. I promise:
You could start with the weather, blue skies as far as you can see:

Add in the sweet spot-on house we rented on Santorini

House cat Minnie: 

Kudos to the host (and birthday meal chef). Check out the house here to book for the next perfect summer.

Santorini's delights were a'plenty: views for miles, red beaches, hot springs oh and those blue tops churches? As beautiful as expected and everywhere:

Even the travelling was ridiculously picturesque:

Then onto Sifnos - the tiny, perfectly pretty, untouched (high rise buidlings are banned - hurrah) island that dreams are made of. Ah Sifnos...

And one final low key sunset on the mainland...
So yeah it was alright I guess? (take me back!)