Tuesday 12 July 2016


A few times a year Midcentury Modern Shows bring their always excellent mix of mid-century modern sellers just round the corner from my gaff with the Midcentry East at Goldfinger's (just as excellent) Haggerston School. 

Ahead of the next show in October here's some snaps from the last one:

 A rare snap of the boy (cos snappers gonna snap): 

Sunday 10 July 2016


Gathered Cheer Social fun: six blogger friends (some lovely old ones and some ace new ones). Taken on a route around old East London town devised by me, Soumya and Ruth. Stopping at some fave haunts for shopping, eating (including bagels obvs), snapping and nattering. 

Vintage rummaging at Mason & Painter:

Barber & Parlour coffee break:

Columbia Road (on a much more sensible non-flower day Saturday): 

 My lord it was good...authentic Italian food at Campania on Ezra Street: 

Pilgrimage to Conservatory Archives (new spiritual home): 

Gathered Cheer Socials are organised by the lovely Ruth Garner for her ongoing series of excellent local wanderings with manageable sized groups of bloggers for optimum meet up fun. 

Check out the page on her site for further upcoming events: