Monday 30 August 2010

South London snippits

My South London adventures continued today...but I found out that Bank Holiday Monday isn't apparently the best day to explore lovely independent interiors shops (fool that I am - I will remember next time).

Yet I still managed to press my face up to the window of a couple of Herne Hill's finest vintage and antiques shops and even found my to way into a delight in Crystal Palace too. (Hint for non-bank holiday visitors: Crystal Palace's Church Road has a growing selection of mighty fine 20th Century antiques shops - full report to follow soon no doubt.)
First face presser...the rather fabulous Bleu Furniture in Herne Hill. Elegant mid century furniture and accessories spied right under the rail bridge...I particularly fell for these dining chairs (1950s Italian on their website).

I have also not yet made it in to The Good Companion (more face pressing) furniture and arts shop with in-shop cosy café. It looks like the perfect spot for a good cuppa, with a novel and time to browse the eclectic selection of great looking art and furniture.

Finally up the hill at Crystal Palace I had a chance drop into Cartwright's, a great contemporary furniture shop on Church Road.
Could this pair of G-Plan tables at Cartwright's could put an end to my coffee table quest? Maybe, but I'm having far too much fun looking to give up just yet!

Sunday 29 August 2010

Roullier White, SE22

A visit to Roullier White in East Dulwich left me with an unusual urge to clean. The lifestyle boutique is packed to the brim with everything a domestic goddess would ever need: fabulous feather dusters, divine smelling candles, the famous Mrs White eco cleaning range (Mrs R White perhaps?), every size pyrex dish you'd need and a lovely collection of gifts to boot.
The old-school style of the store makes this a great shopping experience, with its proper counters, vintage display cabinets and even a working counter bell spotted.

Roullier White is definitely worth checking out, even just to inspire the domestic goddess within, at least for a couple of hours...

Monday 16 August 2010

Welcome to Kemp Town

I haven't *actually* moved to Brighton. But visiting Kemp Town (and a certain cheeky road of antique shops) gave me another very good reason why I really could...
Rather than keeping to my usual Brighton haunts I found that venturing East away from The Laines was definitely worth it. I firstly stopped to check out Brighton Flea Market, a cool, varied collection of antiques, quirky collectables and a whole hoard vintage furniture.

I was actually sent to try to commandeer a recently spied vintage leather chair that had sadly already found a home...but I was still most impressed with the ever refreshed pieces of furniture - there was plenty to buy/ogle (delete as your wallet allows). Oh and if you go make sure you check out the full size diving helmet...
A couple of (antique shop) doors down you'll also find In Retrospect 60s and 70s original designs. An aching cool shop that introduced me to a G-Plan coffee table, that I now need urgently for my living room, and cluster of hip alarm clocks that I could just about allow to wake me up in the morning
Oh and in my imaginary Kemp Town life can I live here please? Brighton's famous Royal Crescent with a sea view - feels like home already.

Saturday 7 August 2010

Gallery of Nothcote Road, SW

Northcote Road Antiques Market. After finally receiving a fab jar for my teabags as a birthday treat, I discovered this market. Never have I seen so many a suitable jar...among a surprisingly huge collection of antiques in this deceptively small fronted market.
Lovely Huttons is a great gift shop where I found these melamine plates, perfect for picnics (maybe not today though, eh?)

Northcote Road also has some stand alone antiques shops like Carey B Antiques and Braemar Antiques with a very cool affordable selection - I think my obsession for birds can continue thanks to them...
Sale at Cabbages & Roses natch.

I also found out that I am not too posh for TK Maxx, despite the usual jumbly scrum, I spied this pretty smart London Transport teapot. No lid, mind, ah well...