Monday, 16 August 2010

Welcome to Kemp Town

I haven't *actually* moved to Brighton. But visiting Kemp Town (and a certain cheeky road of antique shops) gave me another very good reason why I really could...
Rather than keeping to my usual Brighton haunts I found that venturing East away from The Laines was definitely worth it. I firstly stopped to check out Brighton Flea Market, a cool, varied collection of antiques, quirky collectables and a whole hoard vintage furniture.

I was actually sent to try to commandeer a recently spied vintage leather chair that had sadly already found a home...but I was still most impressed with the ever refreshed pieces of furniture - there was plenty to buy/ogle (delete as your wallet allows). Oh and if you go make sure you check out the full size diving helmet...
A couple of (antique shop) doors down you'll also find In Retrospect 60s and 70s original designs. An aching cool shop that introduced me to a G-Plan coffee table, that I now need urgently for my living room, and cluster of hip alarm clocks that I could just about allow to wake me up in the morning
Oh and in my imaginary Kemp Town life can I live here please? Brighton's famous Royal Crescent with a sea view - feels like home already.

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