Monday, 20 May 2013

Mondays are for Mugs: RoomForEmptiness on Etsy

To cheer up miserable Mondays I'm on the hunt for the most marvellous mugs. As we all know a cup of tea in your favourite mug is sometimes the *only* way to get through the beginning of the week.

So here's a sophisticated little mug to start with, the - Hand-Painted Vintage Cup in the "Somewhat Angular", range by RoomForEmptiness, on Etsy. Available for only £12.59, but as these are one-off upcycled vintage pieces - get in there quick. They also offer other beautiful ceramics hand-painted using this simple line design, so even more choices aside from this perfect little cup that Monday tea.

Hand-Painted "Somewhat Angular" Vintage Cup, from RoomForEmptiness, on Etsy, price £12.59

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