Monday, 16 December 2013

Mondays are for Mugs: Stacking Mugs

Stack 'em up. Stack 'em high. No not drinks, but this year's darlings of the Mug World (totally should be a thing) Stacking Mugs. These quirky kitchen additions can be cleverly used to make mug designs extra amusing. So here's my faves, any you fancy stacking?:
Tentacle Spectacular Mug Set, price $44.99, from Mod Cloth  

NY Brownstone Stacking Cups, price $19, from Feathered Home 

Mr Dear Set of Four Coffee Cups, price £45, from Jim Bob Art 

Stacking Skeleton Coffee Cups, price £55, from Phoebe Richardson 

Game of Thrones Crest Stacking Mug, price £20.06, from A Bird in the Hard at Etsy (one for @mrshorse) 

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