Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Perfect Tea Towel: The Squirrel Cottage

While searching for something suitably spooky to be today's Perfect Tea Towel it might look like I was sidelined by this super sweet vintage one instead...
But...if you look closely, as it is old Hallow's Eve today, you'll see this it actually very sinister indeed.

Even though the main subject of this carefully embroidered tea towel may be a fluffy looking version of my favourite familiar (see example A) but there is still a much more scary Halloween creature wiggling its eight legs too. A very *very* frightening spider! Eek. 

So obviously this is well creepy and definitely a suitably tea towel to blog about on Halloween...definitely. 

(Excellent *rubs hands in glee* think I may have got away with blogging about a cat tea towel again...)

Vintage Cat Tea Towel, from The Squirrel Cottage on Etsy, price £6.39

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