Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday are for Mugs: Home Slice

Yes I know Fridays are the traditional day for fish. But as I don't eat our be-finned friends I reckon I can get away with having a fishy themed mug of choice this Monday.  

Especially as this mug is dedicated to the good ole British Chippy. An institute for delicious, tempting, easy dinners...covered in lashing of salt, vinegar and tomato sauce obvs...
I spotted the Chippy Mug at the ever impressive Crafty Fox Market this weekend (next on in Brixton and Peckham this December - get there if you can!).

The Chippy Mug is a design from the brilliant Home Slice who are holding it up for everyday Britishness with their excellent designs inspired by the nostalgic domestic heroes of every Brit's youth. 

Chip shop chips and a nice cuppa - that could just be my new tradition for Mondays...

Chippy Mug, from Home Slice, price £15

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