Friday, 15 November 2013

Have you started yours yet?

Christmas. It is finally near. In my day job we've been doing it for months. Gifts guides, themed present ideas, colour schemes, Christmas trees, holly, baubles, festive, merriness, get the point. 
Feeling festive/sweaty - taken on one of the hottest days in July
Every year I joke that despite having yuletide top of my mind since July (I'm being's more like May really) like everyone else I fail to do vast amounts of my present shopping until Christmas Eve. Which is usually true. Can't see the wood for the trees as they say...or y'know pineneedles for the artfully draped pine branches...or something.

So this year I'm going to do something different. I'm not just going to buy early, I'm going to buy with a plan. And to top it all this year I *might* just not max my credit card. 

The answer my friends is: (no one at all will be surprised to hear) mugs!
Yes for Christmas 2013 my friends, family, boyfriend, cat (that's going to be a hard one), godson, secret santa, real santa and anyone else is going to get a MUG. 

As I've inadvertently been researching this all year with my Mondays are for Mugs posts this Christmas should be a doddle. Famous last words if I ever uttered them. Here goes nothing.


  1. Good luck! Will you do a post-Christmas post to show us who go what??
    Claire xx

    1. Aw thanks Claire! Yes I thought I might do just that, amusing to show y'all my family via pressie choices :) xx