Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Moving House: Kitchen treats

An admission: this weekend I tried really hard to write Moving House post picking out five of my favourite cushions to cheer up the sofas in My Unrealistic Dream House (TM). 

However this turned out the be the hardest thing possible, it was too damned hard to choose. So I (quite literally) deleted the post and went back to bed. Possibly my man flu didn't help, but still trying to pick the best cushions caused an extreme reaction that I'm going to try and avoid today (although going back to bed would be quite nice).

Instead I've put together a collection of Kitchen Treats to inspire my cooking and dining in this new impossible gaff. Let's hope I haven't had to hide behind to the duvet again before choice five...what a cliffhanger, eh?!

Ceramic Jug Measure, from Future and Found, price £14 
WOW Storage Jar, from Solid ID, price £125 
Tall Glasses, from Saturday: Kate Spade, price $30 
Bunny Washing Up Rack, from Dutch By Design, price £27.50 
Skyline Chopping Board, from Pretty Dandy, price from £29.95

And look I even made it through! Might need me some cushion aversion therapy...or they could end up being my next Mugs (mmm mugs).  


  1. Love the bunny washing up rack. It's so cute, and would make me smile when doing the dishes.
    Claire xx

    1. Indeed! It would definitely make it seem less if a chore, a smile is exactly what you need when stuck doing the dishes :) xx