Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mug Shots: Moi

New thing:

Mug Shots and is a new little feature on my favourite topic..cats! Nah not really, it's about Mugs of course (as a feature called Cat Shots might not have quite the same ring to it...). 

So here's how it works...I'm going to be ask some people that amuse me to tell me about their very own fave mug and hopefully find out a little bit more about them too. As I'm (you might have noticed) a bit keen on cups, I reckon you can find out a lot about someone's life through their teacup tales. Maybe one day I'll even find someone with as much passion for porcelain as me (unlikely but let's see eh?). 

But let's start with the first Mug Shot and in a totally non-self-indulgent oh-she's-giving-herself-another-reason-to-natter-on-about-mugs-way...I'm kicking this off with my own answers!:
Mug not to scale (note to self: must work out perspective when taking photos or buy smaller mugs)
Tell me who you are?: I'm Amy, but if you call me Daisy I won't mind and probably won't even notice. 

What do you do? And how do you find yourself explaining it to people?: Other than interviewing myself for my own blog...? I'm an Interiors PR by day. I tell people this means I get pictures of cushions in magazines. But they still think I work in advertising, marketing or am a PA...

That's a nice mug, why have you chosen it?: Why thank you, it is from the Our Workshop website and has become a trusty fave. It is the perfect shape to fit a proper cuppa and I think it matches rather nicely with my breton stripes too. I picked it out randomly from my ever-growing collection (read: hoard) in which I have far too many silly sentimental reasons to pick out most of them. And already kinda wish I'd chosen this mug (below) simply as a picture of me holding it would have been my favourite kind of ridiculous:

What have you got in there? Tea? Coffee? Something with a bit more of a kick?: Supermarket own brand Lemsip tonight. Keeping it classy.

Are you picky about porcelain?: I swear by the adage that you enjoy a cup of tea more from your favourite mug. So even when I'm home alone I only drink hot drinks from my very favourite china. I take it quite personally if I'm given a cuppa in a substandard mug (too small, bad design, chipped or uninteresting) so maybe I'm a tiny bit picky. And I take *far* too much time deciding who gets which mug when making a tea round (it's always going to be Russian roulette when you have a moron mug in the collection). 

Any mug nightmare stories? When I first moved out of home I only had a plastic mug, for some strange reason. I soon learnt that drinking Cuppa Soup from a plastic cup means the synthetic minestrone taste never leaves the being the only mug I had no choice but to persevere and drink many a cup of tea from it afterwards. Which were all, in hindsight, pretty damn disgusting. 

Best mug moments?: I knew the boy was a keeper when I told him about a mug I'd seen featuring a scale of different tea colours...and he had one made for me. Definitely a keeper.
He's a keeper
First cuppa of the day?: Wake up. Shower. Kettle on...always 

And the final traditional question:  How do you take your tea?: Milk and no sugar please (and it's pretty much a given that I'll be having one)

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