Sunday, 3 November 2013

Car boot memories

Nervous set up, screwdrivers borrowed. 
"That's £5"
Selling a nine year old boy an Arsenal scarf. He was delighted.
When @MrsHorse bought me hot chocolate and a KitKat. Bliss.
"That's £5"
Everyone looking at my stripy jumper. No one buying.
Finding a renewed love for my stripy jumper.
"All books are £1"
The man bin of plugs and wires doing better than anything.
"That's £3"
Everyone wanting to buy everything as soon as we started packing up.


  1. This reminded me of my love of car boot sales. I always tend to spend more money buying junk than I earn selling my junk! So I've resorted to making cupcakes and using them as tender. Yes to hot chocolate and tea in the cold!

    1. We (somehow!) managed to keep to our non buying junk rule...this time anyway! But very much like the sound of cupcakes as tender and that you can *totally* do that at car boots, they very much are a world of their own!