Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Moving house: Shower Curtains

This here blogger looks set to be moving house sometime soon. Stressy  - yes? Expensive - for sure? Am I bothered - nah? Think of all the home stuff I'll get to look at! *brave grin* 

In an age old blogger tradition I'm going to use very blog to make exciting plans about decorating my new home (read: gain unrealistic expectations about doing up a wreck). Hurrah!

I'm going to start with the bathroom, partly as I seem to be gaining an unhealthy interest in one particular product...shower curtains. Perhaps as I keep on spying beauts (like this recent fave and these lovelies I was tweeting about just yesterday) and haven't had the chance to buy one *shakes fist at smeary glass shower doors* for far too many years. 

So in advance of maybe one day having an excuse to actually buy's a mini round-up of my fave shower curtains. 

Flora and Fauna Shower Curtain, from Artsy Modern, price $50

Kaleidoscope Shower Curtain, from Anthropologie, price £88

Wesley Bird Forever Shower Curtain, from DENY Designs, price $89

Triangle Shower Curtain, by Ferm Living, from Scandivis, price £59

Izola Powder Room Shower Curtain, from Heal's, price £55

Do you have any more excellent shower curtain recommendations to help feed my obsession too? 

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