Saturday, 2 November 2013

My First Car Boot Sale...really?!

As a prolific car boot sale goer, you'd think I'd have burst my car boot sale *seller* cherry by now. Surely?! But no...thus far I have yet to cut my booting teeth. 

My car booting experiences have usually (as can be seen herehere and er herebit of a disaster that last one...) been used in my apparent quest to fill my home with junk, my ongoing ambition to add to my ever-increasing garb hoard.

However this autumn it seems like I am *finally* really to claim my place on the other side of the table (or y'know car boot). 
But 'why?' I hear you say. Perhaps my hoarding days are over and I have found a new love for minimalism, clear shelves, empty drawers and only owning one teapot? Alas no (apologies to the long suffering boy that is ne-ver going to happen) but this project is actually just down to simple economy. 

I want to make myself a little pin money, rid my cupboards of some of the less sensible buys (but I *needed* the ornamental birdcage!) and slim down my wardrobe to hold maybe 10% less Hennes stuff that doesn't fit me properly. 

So as a veteran of traipsing round booty filled car parks I've decided to turn around my love for the car boot bargain and become A Seller hoping to make myself a tidy (and hopefully not tiny) profit at the same time. 

Which means that tomorrow will see my car boot selling days begin. I'll be flogging my tat at the Battersea Car Boot sale, bargaining hard, counting up my readies while mainlining tea and doughnuts. Or, perhaps more realistically...anxiously worrying about pricing, concerned about my poker face, nerdilly totting up any incoming pennies and horridly hyper-aware of (well-deserved) criticism about the tat I'm getting flogging...while mainlining tea and doughnuts. So...
I have a question for you...any advice to a first time car boot seller? Are you a booting pro with any tricks of the trade to share? Go on give this girl some hints...or I could be leaving this car boot with more tat than I arrive with. Help! 


  1. Two words - bum bag.

    This is the only time you can legitimately get away with wearing a bum bag in public.

    Enjoy that.

    1. Wise words lady, wise words! I'll dig one out and wear it with pride :) thank you x

  2. snacks. lots of snacks. and a never ending smile as someone offers you 10p ....
    good luck - you will either love it or as i found out only ever do it once!

    1. Brilliant, thanks Tracy! Will pack up some snacks, prepare to be patient and here goes nothing!x