Saturday, 30 January 2010

A sure way to lose my fingers

I have a new challenge, hope I won't injure myself with it...
I requested (nay demanded) this mini sewing machine from good ole John Lewis for Christmas from my ever patient mother.

I admit it was more of a vanity than practical request. My previous sewing kit comprised of a couple of bent needles, one spool of purple thread (which I only realised was purple after sewing half the buttons back onto smart black coat - not a great look), various spare buttons and toggles all kept in a tiny tool box donated by the boyfriend. It is fair to say I am an amateur. In fact 'amateur' is almost generous.

When I saw the mini machine in magazines and knew it had to be mine. It has now predictably found a home in our Ikea bookcase taking up a square of space perfectly and gathering up dust. It looks pretty, for a while that was enough.

But now I am on my crafty/thrifty kick I have decided that I really will have to learn how to use it...So far I have managed to: swear quite a lot trying to work out how to thread the damn thing, wasted one spool of thread quite expertly and (somehow) manage to complete one line of stitches. Which I held up proudly to boyfriend and housemate. How pleased I was! Their bemused faces as they made the appropriate complimentary noises made me realise that I may have to work a little harder...

Here goes attempt two, promise to keep my digits away from anything dangerous looking and will try not to swear at the machine - but really can't promise that.

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