Sunday, 24 January 2010

Loud and Proud

I had a chance to admire the decoration of Camden's Proud Galleries today on a halt from my shopping mission (Imagined purchases: bohemian floral fabrics, thread for sewing machine, trainers for new gym regime. Actual purchases: t-shirt from Hennes, a croissant, personal guilt) for a well needed cup of tea.

We browsed the photographs of the fab Debbie Harry, got drawn in by the stuffed deer heads above the bar - painted white, natch, (this must be the way they roam in Camden...), tried to work out the configuration of the exposed ceiling and loved the individual feel of each of the booths in The Stables. We did, however, end up sitting in the booth with the pole, hmmm. But very much enjoyed the kept elements of the former Stables themselves now covered in lashing of distressed white paint.

Its imaginative decoration keeps this a venue that I like to come back to and introduce to both uninformed Londoners and out of towners, whether the occasion is today's civilized tea break in front of an (amusingly out of use) pole-dancing pole or 'that night' a few months back when drinks may have ended up tipped over strangers' heads. Both fun, for very different reasons.

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