Sunday, 31 January 2010

Coulmbia Road

I spent today doing some of my favourite girly Sunday things. Which I totally deserved for no particular reason, I just did.

It started with a (quite late) breakfast of t
ea, crumpets and weekend papers. Followed by a jaunt to Old Street to catch the end of the Columbia Road Flower Market.

This East End flower and plant market is a must-visit on a Sunday. I love the busy bustle and proper market feel, the ever jolly market traders bellowing Latin plant names and the knock down prices.

If you particularly like a good deal...the market closes at 2pm and I completely recomm
end turning up as the stalls shut up and slash the prices...

I just can't say 'no' to two bunches of hyacinths ready to bloom for £5. I've now happily scattered them around the house, there is something rather charming I think about flowers in jam jars (nothing to do with the lack of vases in the house oh no...)

I also stumbled upon another early 20th Century furniture dealer Ben Southgate (I think I am starting to get a furniture 'type' hmm) who sells a selection of furniture and lighting from this period.

He has some divine pieces in the store just off Columbia Road. I was especially drawn in by the industrial style stainless steel and reclaimed drawers originally used by haberdashers, with labelling still intact. Beautiful, well made pieces that must be fabulous to own as they are not just incredibly useful to store all your odds and ends, but they also come with a story.

Which is how I'm going to end my happy, girly Sunday - curled up on my sofa, wearing cashmere socks, drinking jasmine tea and settling into a good novel. Oh I do love a good Sunday and a good story.

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