Monday, 25 January 2010

Oh sweet temptation

Oh dear, with typical terrible timing I have just stumbled across a secret (or maybe just neglected) Homeware section on the All Saints website...the perfect temptation to test me in these times of need...

I've squinted to avoid seeing the prices, but I'm still inspired by the concise collection of homeware in the measured shabby style of the Shoreditch based innovative fashion brand.

I very quickly spied a cushion which is going right to the top of my wish list.
In true All Saints style it would look right at home on the worn leather of a vintage sofa. As this cable knit cushion is made from an ultra chunky double knit, its homemade look reminds me this is something I totally intend to be able to knit myself some day.

Looks like it will have to stay on the wish list for a while though. Ah well...back to the clothes then...

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