Sunday, 24 January 2010

Decorating on the cheap...part one

I've recently been redecorating our new flat, just a little bit, but on the cheap mind (trying to get thrifty).

First stop was the bedroom built-in wardrobe. Quite a beast (but with wonderful storage) the unit takes up a full wall of the room. Its plain, slightly dented, brass handles were the first to go.

They were swiftly replaced with some of Anthropologie's finest porcelain beauts, adorned with a delicate clematis floral design. A small touch to update and modernise the room but a good one. I even got them passed the beady money-conscious eyes of the boyfriend. Despite being floral, he didn't mind the more masculine colours plus I somehow convinced him that the £6 label he spied was per a pack, not each...might have to work on this thrifty thing a bit more...

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