Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spotted in South Africa - part 4

One of my favourite aspects of my South African jaunt has the stylish architecture, restaurants, food (and you know me...) shops I came across on my travels:

Amazing eclectic architecture and streetside spots:

One of my top cafes Beleza also turned out to be one of my top vintage shops too (so obviously might have spent a little bit of time in there...): 


(Please excuse how over exposed this last pic is...I may have been distracted by vintage Nina Ricci sunglasses at this time)

A chance visit to Royale Eatery on Cape Town's Long Street (which I was reliably informed the party street in CT) turned out to be probably my top eating experience in South Africa. 
With this gourmet burger joint having the most amazing milkshakes, a lovely cat loving waitress, pictures of Steve Zissou on the wall and 5 (yes that's *five*) different veggy burgers available - we were sold pretty quickly...

Other eating highlights (oh we did lots of eating): 

 The very cool Clarkes on Bree Street: 

And to top it all - home cooked food at my Mum's!


  1. Beleza sounds, and looks, amazing x

    1. :) it was fantastic. Amazing coffee too!x

  2. That cafe looks incredible; not quite as incredible as your mum's kitchen though! Love the modern feel to it.

    1. Aw thanks Taylor, she's a pretty stylish lady all in all!