Saturday, 1 March 2014

Christmas MUGS

If you remember way back to before Christmas (y'know when it still seemed ok to wear that snowflake jumper and tinsel in your hair) and I posted about my present buying plans to make Christmas 2013...The Year Amy Bought Everyone Mugs. 

So now Christmas has well and truly gone, as promised here's an update of who got what, all *clearly* now being used as my lovely lots' new favourite mugs:

For...the one who's as obsessed with cats as me (from Thrift-ola
The arty one (from Rume): 
The army one (from McLaggan Smith):
The storyteller (from Rume):
The one with a super cool new city pad (from Marimekko and the wrapping paper too natch):
The ones who are only back in the UK for Christmas (from Emma Bridgewater):
The one who is called Max and has flown the nest to Australia (from David Jones):
The ones with an Aga (from Cornishware): 
The bikey one (from Brixton Cycles):
The baby (suspiciously non mug shaped...from Rigby & Mac): 
And the dog got one of these (oh and I didn't forget Crumpet who was spoiled with a Tabby & Tux pressie too):
Merry Christmas mug fans!

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