Sunday, 9 March 2014

Ladybird Likes at Smug - Wooden Jewellery Workshop

Today was a day of making lovely choices. As I went along to one of the series of crafty classes at enviably stylish Islington lifestyle store Smug - a Wooden Jewellery Workshop taught by the owner and designer of the Ladybird Likes jewellery brand...which just happens to be one of my very favourites. 
Lovely, patient Zoe of Ladybird Likes took us through all the stages in making our own chunky wooden necklaces, gentling nudging everyone in the right direction to make a super statement one-off piece. 
And we had such nice choices to get there - deciding on the shapes was probably the hardest of the day. With a huuuuge selection of laser cut geometric shapes to chose from. There was a lot of love for chevrons in the room, but with triangles, hearts and polka dots on offer, all in every size imaginable, it was never going to be an easy one...
Then deciding on the combination of shapes meant even more head scratching...

Followed by the choice of whole rainbow of colours to paint on or patterns to pick (I didn't take a shot of the immense catalogue of designs she had too - but believe me it was mighty fine)...

Finally decisions were made and me (and the other lovely wooden jewellery first timers) all had far too much fun with the glittering, gluing, chain length deciding and all the other very important decisions we had to make...and cakes to eat...

The holes for the chain we kindly drilled on spec...once my paint dried (*somebody* may have over varnished...)

And after some serious chain threading action- my first ever necklace was born and I'm rather smug about it too!

Keep an eye out for more workshops coming up Upstairs at Smug...there's a whole series of crafty days to give novices like me an easy first go at hands-on projects...And here's the handy info for the next one (sounds like a goody too!):
Oh and, of course, whether you are already a dab hand at wooden jewellery making or check out Ladybird Likes' fantastic retro style readymade pieces - they have a *selection* of cat collar clips, need I say more?!


  1. This looks like it was a lot of fun, you're finished necklace looks fab! Also,v.much appreciating the heavy use of triangles :)

    1. Why thank you - the triangles won in the end :) it was such a lovely class, the perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday!