Saturday, 8 March 2014

Heart Home/Etsy/West Elm DREAM TEAM

Take one super online homes mag (Heart Home), add 10 creative sellers from the top independent web marketplace (Etsy) combine them with the newest exciting big addition to London's homeware shops (West Elm)...and what do you get? A very nice shopping day for us interiors addicts- with the lovely Heart Home team picking a great selection of fantastic sellers for a one-day-only sale (last Thursday I'm afraid) at the brilliant new US import of West Elm's first UK store in Tottenham Court Road. 

I (clearly) couldn't keep away and snapped some pics of my fave Etsy stands. I also spent a rather long time oogling West Elm's pretty products (another trip back for a proper inspection may be in order soon!).

The Etsy sellers included...the terrific world of hand-drawn creatures from Jimbobart:

The geometric goodness of Patternalism:

The very pleasing repeated prints Mengsel Design
And a gallery of carefully chosen brilliant prints from an ever-inspiring blogger pal (and now author - woop!) Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar
I may have been tempted into one little purchase myself...(ahem you might guess what I went for...I'm nothing if not predictable!) a mug!

It's a bit of a special one-off from Jimbobart though so you'll have to forgive me, but this little otter *had* to come home with me. See she's settling in rather nicely already. 


  1. It looks like such fun. I am intrigued by West Elm being available in the UK now and have checked out the website, but would love to hear more about the shop too!

    1. I'll definitely be going in again soon! If just for the bedlinen and kitchen section alone - they needed further investigation in particular ;) Will report back!