Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Perfect Tea Towel: Crispin Finn

This is a tea towel for serious condiment aficionados, as quick identification of sauces is very important in achieving optimum dining satisfaction, right?!
I love picking out the recognisable bottles and their brands on this smart screen-printed tea towel. Can you see your favourite condiments on there? (I can never choose between 1 and 5 myself). 

The makers of this tea towel are Crispin Finn, a clever pair of British designers you'll know for their distinctive tongue in cheek prints in a restricted colour palette of red, white and blue. Here's another beauty - the Waste Not Want Not tea towel:

And don't forget that mix up of mustards really could make a mess of a perfectly good sandwich. This is a tea towel to be kept on hand to avoid culinary disasters!

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