Saturday, 15 June 2013

Faves: Folklore

Let me start with an (admittedly pretty tenuous) analogy: Folklore is a new kid to the block, but the new kid that turns up already wearing cooler jeans than you, has the trainers your mum won't buy you and is teaching you new words. 

But this is the design world. So it looks like this:

Lovely, eh?

Even though Folklore only recently launched on the design scene it's already fitting right it and looking so simply cool. This new brand taps perfectly into the niche in the market for functional, beautifully made homeware products with a nod to sustainability. And boy to they do it well. 

They sell lifestyle products from well chosen designers, that cater for simple living but certainly don't scrimp on good long-lasting materials. They have a slick, easy to use website showing beautifully styled and photographed products and a elegantly simple styled shop on Islington's always expanding Upper Street. 

My (current) faves from Folklore are this Dakota Linen Cushion:
And Washita Linen Cushion: 
I love the geometric patterns, they are made from linen and flax which gives them a comforting worn look that could fit right in anywhere...

This is a new kid definitely worth getting to know. 

Dakota and Washita Linen Cushions, from Folklore, price £68 each

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