Monday, 27 June 2011

Antique Emporium, Vancouver Island [Canadian pull out]

A hop, skip and a jump (well a couple of hundred miles and a short flight) from Calgary is Vancouver Island - off the Pacific coast, it is about the size of Ireland and a happily old-fashioned place. So it seemed only appropriate to hunt for an antiques shop. But I bettered that, I found an Antique Emporium.
Behold! It was a proper barn and was packed to the rafters full of pretty well priced vintage, antiques and very likable old kitchen garb too.
I particularly fell for the old packaging that filled up shelves throughout the store (sorry Emporium!). Love that bottle! We also found an old wooden Coca Cola crate that would have been a perfect storage space, somewhere to hold our sprawling mass of magazines, luggage restriction thwarted us though and we had to leave it behind. Boo.
Even the old oil cans were cool...
7os style was pretty prominent here too...
But there was also a surprising amount of English ceramics on sale. Which I just couldn't bring myself to buy and cart back home - it seemed a bit ridiculous however good the deal!
It was amusing to find a reminder of another royal wedding all the way on the other side of the world.
After seeing this...I'm plotting where to have my very own Book Nook (maybe not to read the above book though!)
I got myself one of these maple syrup pourers, but obviously forgot to buy the actual yummy stuff to go inside it...those breakfast pancakes might have to wait a little longer...
This was a great one store to have stumbled upon. It was really well located as based on the Island's main highway so the perfect stop off point to relive some Canadian history...oh and shop of course.
The extended antiques browsing meant that we had no time to stop for food whizzing through the luscious countryside on Vancouver Island, but I did spy this set of wheels that *could* be my perfect vehicle.


  1. I used to live on the island and I'm visiting there again in April! I want to go back to this place. Can you remember where it is? nanaimo? ladysmith?


  2. Oh fab! It was good fun so do drop in if you have a chance. We found it on the way from Victoria to Naniamo. Address below. Hope you have a fantastic trip! X

    The Antique Barn
    3088 Henry Rd RR 4
    Chemainus, BC V0R 1K4, Canada