Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stonewaters Home Elements, Canmore [Canada pull out section]

How's that for the view from an interiors shop? Not bad, not bad at all.

My first stop of homeware shopping in Canada taught me what I should have known is one of the first rules of travelling. Do NOT shop on streets with this kind of view. The pricetags are sure to not be as pretty.

But we're just browsing right? So may as well indulge a little anyway. Here goes...
Welcome to Canmore, Alberta a mountain town ready made for relaxing, hill walking, lazy coffees, dog walking and when you've had enough of that - how about a bit of shopping? On a typically lowkey day in Canmore I stumbled into the sumptuous Stonewaters Home Elements store that strives to reflect 'an authentic Canadian mountain lifestyle'.

The store was great fun and made me like this idea of this mountain living...
The space was huge, with room even for a canoe on the ceiling! Wood was definitely the preferred material which fits in perfectly with the wooden frame houses and beautiful evergreen landscape surrounding the town.
On of my fave products in the store was this fit-for-a-woodchopper doormat. Chunky.
The natural themed and toned accessories could bring you a bit of outdoorsy charm wherever you live.
Stonewaters have also snuck some very cool vintage into the collection like this ace clock. I'm loving that font...

Sadly the only downfall at this store for me was its pricings. These sweet cards, however, were pretty much the only finds in my budget.

Perhaps I'm not meant for Canadian mountain living, but by gum I'm going to start saving up for it!

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