Friday, 24 June 2011

Steeling Home, Calgary, Alberta [more Canada]

When traipsing through Calgary, a city in Canada famous for oil and cowboys, I came across Steeling Home with no visible oil wells or stetsons I got the impression that I was going to like this place...
And like it I did. While 'fun' is probably not the way I'd like to describe my taste in decoration...with this shop it was the 'fun' elements that made me really like it...Steeling did it very well indeed.
There was a selection of all things homeware on offer with a good mixture of new and vintage, colourful products, classic wood pieces, garb for the kitchen and even a Gaga-eaque telephone.
I love the boldness of this cushion - the nautical trend with colours turned up to 11.
My fella fell for this deer doormat...
And you'll never believe just quite how close we were to going home with this guy...
There were some really great independent brands on sale at Steeling Home making it really differ from some of the other the cookie-cutter-cute design stores in Canada. These sweet cross stitch slogans were a nice example of this
I know it quite clearly isn't for sale, but I am pretty keen on the display cabinet showing this cool selection - looks like a perfect place for my lotions and potions...
A vintage fridge filled full of brightly decorated water bottles - I think this pretty much sums up the Canadian culture I saw in Calgary - cool, bright, outdoorsy.
Steeling's section for kids was design conscious (no pink here thanks) while Kids stuff is supposed to be fun anyway, but throw in some Tintin and I am sold. Oh Canada, they don't mind a bit of taxidermy here...
Steeling Home was a little colourful jewel in the cowboy country of Calgary. Take a look, it's fun and I like it.
[Bonus food section]
Ok you might not call it gourmet...but this hot dog take-out (stay with me...) was one of my fave Canadian eateries. What other restaurant has Pac Man and Street Fighter contests?!
Tubby Dog (what a name!) is a local institution and *the* place to get your post bar snack in this cool part of Calgary.
Hot dogs are available in every way you could imagine (this is the veggie Not Dog).
But the Yam fries won the prize for most amazing/guilt inducing at Tubby Dog. But when in Rome...

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