Monday, 20 June 2011

Oh Canada [pull-out section]

I'm back! I've returned from the recent blogging radio silence that I'm afraid was mainly down to my technology failings *shakes fist at broken iphone*.

So now I'm returning to my old blogging ways - my have I missed the joys of Blogger - to share interiors tales of my recent jaunt to Canada. Family ties pulled me over the pond, but I managed to sneak into a few interiors shops on the way (you know me...) Incidentally I really fell for Canada and enjoyed a holiday of weddings, chin-wagging with the family, attempting to walk up mountains, desperately looking for bears (and succeeding!) and even getting to see a riot in full swing - oh Canada you really did surprise me with that one.

But I my next few posts will be a mini Canada pull-out section looking at some modern and some vintage stores with an occasional eatery thrown in along on the way (as leaving them out would be a poor representation of what we spent our time did we eat a lot this holiday...)

Keep your eyes peeled for Fergie's wedding annual and upside down canoes, eh?
Disclaimer - apologies in advance for bad jokes and puns - I reckon I can get away with blaming the jetlag for a few days yet...

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