Sunday, 31 January 2016


I'll happily admit that I'm a hoarder: tattered old school books, regrettable hot pants, bundles of long-forgotten necklaces - they are all staying (sorry Marie Kondo!) Despite this mania for nostalgia I'm not so keen on clutter...hide it all away and I'm happy. So I've been pretty happy to see my storage woes sorted with so many excellent baskets on the market at the moment. It's gotta be rattan, super simple, African weave and warmly tactile though - even us hoarders have standards... Now I just have to pick one out (or just nab the lot):
1. Peaks Linen Basket, by Donna Wilson, from SCP, price £190
2. Kenyan Blue Baskets, from Decorator's Notebook, price £25.95 each
3. Banana Leaf Floor Basket, from Young & Able, price $150 
4. Bombo Basket, from The Citizenry, price $135
5. Large Natural Belly Basket, from Olli Ella, price £29
6. Cheche M, from The Basket Room, price £29


  1. Beautiful baskets! I'm the same, such a hoarder. Only realised when I moved flats two weeks ago and stumbled upon so many things. My friends had to help me declutter, it was a sad moment. haha
    But I do the same, using storage baskets and boxes and everything looks neat and clean. Really like the pattern of the 1st one!

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only hoarder! I know your pain, we moved twice in two years and couldn't believe how much clutter I still had the second time :)