Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Underground, forbidden and just a bit creepy? Any Londoner who travels on the tube is curious about what lies beyond the boundaries of the every day escalators, tunnels and trains. I'm a lucky Londoner though. One of the lucky few who's had a chance to have a peek behind the fourth wall and explore the unknown...well mainly lucky as my work with the London Transport Museum Shop meant that I snagged a trip down the unused Aldwych Underground Station before Christmas. 

Here's some pics I took of this fantastic space - on the tour you learn about Aldwych's history including its various intriguing uses during the war, but also you might recognise parts of the stations from music videos (Firestarter anyone?) and pretty much every London-based film you can think of. Keep an eye out for surprising out-of-time ads, mismatched tiles and even more fascinating tales about this abandoned station. 

London Transport Museum will be opening up access to Aldwych and even more stations in March for a new series of Hidden London tours so keep your peepers peeled.

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