Friday, 15 January 2016


Our hallway is fast becoming a coat graveyard. Parkas, anoraks, duffels and the occasional cape (mine, no superheroes here...) are overtaking our modest coat rack. Any of these would do nicely, thank you very much. Now I just have to choose where to, erm, hang my cape. 

1. 4-hook coat rail, from Calvers + Suvdal, price £54
2. Birch Spindle Coat and Hat Rack, from Amsterdam Modern, price $295
3. Peg Rail, from Another Country, price £96
4. German Mid-Century Coat Rack, from Wohn Raumformer on Etsy, price £119
5. French 1950s Vintage Industrial Coat Rack, from Le Strict Maximum on Etsy, price £33

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