Monday, 5 May 2014

Mondays are for Mugs: MMMG

It might be a total coincidence that the same day the boy flies to Korea, I happen to stumble across these excellent graphic 70s-style-chic mugs from Korean brand MMG (or Millimeter Milligram to give it its full name). 

And continuing with the coincidence I also can't find these available anywhere in the UK...but weirdly I *might* just know someone who is somewhere where he might be able to search out a nifty supply of these nice simply designed mugs just for me (hint: especially the brick one please).

D'you think the boy took the hint *forwards post to boy* *sends link to boy's twitter* *texts a picture of post to boy* *along with a picture of the cat just for luck*


  1. These are perfect mugs - I can totally see why you are trying to get your hands on them and I hope you do!

    1. Thank you, I know subtle hints aren't really my thing :)