Monday, 14 April 2014

Mondays are for Mugs: Notebook Paper Mug

I may be outing myself as a bit of geek...but I really bloody love a good notebook. Nothing more satisfying than cracking open the fresh clean pages of a nice new notebook preferably with a jaunty cover (any of these from Quill or something with cats on if you are asking). 

But how better to enjoy defacing your new notebook (if you don't know where this is going you haven't been reading this blog long enough...) than with a lovely cuppa tea of course! And surely this Notebook Paper Mug has got to be the ideal mug for that first-scribble-on-a-notebook moment:

Notebook Paper Cup, from Mango Tree Ceramics on Etsy, price £21.47 


  1. I'm more of a hot chocolate person myself, but I do love the idea of a mug I can scribble little notes on as I drink.

    1. Hot choc would go very nicely with this mug too I'm sure!