Sunday, 3 July 2011

Chiswick Car Boot, W4

The first rule of car booting - always get there early (but you can talk about them as much as you want!) You'd think a self-confessed bargain addict like me would have learnt this by now...and there was no good reason for me to arrive at the Chiswick Car Boot at 12.30pm today. But that I did and these boots were ready to close at 1pm. Oh dear.
A schoolgirl error I know. The benefit of the late start is that the prices start dropping (I'd recommend trying to bargain down anything heavy looking as tired stall holders will be keen to avoid carrying weighty unsold items if they don't have to). But the downfall is, of course, that the really good deals will probably have already walked out the door already, plus stall holders will be packing up. It's the perfect time for panic buying!

However I was lucky today as Chiswick was a great car boot that is immense so even in the last half hour there was still lots to explore and admire.
It was the prefect mix for Sunday browsing with *real* car boots, manned by real people. Always a winner with me.
The products available ranged from proper antiques at bargain prices...
To cool 20th Century treasures (this jug is the-one-that-got-away today, the reason? Too heavy for pathetic arms to carry around all day...I know...)
My fella would have been cross to see me let this dartboard get away *rolls eyes*...
These beautifully decorative piano scores were great for a rummage through for the musical or even design fans!
Or you could even go whole hog with this nafty squeeze box!
Beautiful plants are always good to look out for at one of these sales...
And...erm chickens...
With more time I would have had a proper look at this crockery. I love its art deso-esque metallic design...
I made one little purchase - a sweet little retro clock. A steal at a fiver and a perfect addition for my kitchen wall.
So all in all this is a great car boot...that impressed me not just with its size but also the variety of stalls. The next sale will be the first Sunday of August. I will be there bright and early, having learnt my lesson and won't forget the first rule of car booting again.


  1. Hi Amy, so nice to meet you yesterday at Blognic! And thanks for the tip about the Chiswick Car boot...will definitely be checking it out.

  2. Lovely meeting you too Ana! You should totally go, car boot and enjoy!x

  3. Great pictures of amazing Car Boot loveliness. I am a huge fan of Car Boot Sales! But obviously missed out this past weekend as I was at Blognic! Sorry to have missed you, I was a little hazy from the night before. But definitely next time!

  4. Aw thanks Elizabeth! I was a wee bit hazy myself too (shhhh) but will be sure to say 'hi' next time!x

  5. chiswick car boot is my happy place! x