Saturday, 2 July 2011

Liberty Dining Room, W1

This week I *finally* had the chance to visit the brand new Dining Room section in, London's finest, Liberty.
This new section is dedicated to all things for the kitchen and dining table (from crockery to cafetieres) featuring the high quality classic designs that one expects from this store. It also offers a refreshing collection of new designers and affordable pieces...which pleased me greatly.
It is based where the bridal section used to be (why do I know this?! Why?) and is nicely laid out in distinct areas for your Baking Days...with Tala products taking centre stage...
And Coffee mornings, I wish I drank enough coffee to warrant buying these beauties...
As well as beautiful displays for some of their top sellers like the lovely Emma Bridgewater.

I loved the elegant bird range designed by Edwin Collins...
As well as this army of kitchen critters...
I thought the tea towel collection showed a really nice range of designers. Plus I'm totally thinking about stealing the ladder idea - tea towels this cool should be appreciated and not just used for wiping!
The fab layout made this a well worthwhile section. Great for gift shopping (it's already top of my list for Christmas) and could not be missed for a proper kitchen overhaul!

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