Friday, 1 July 2011

Tom Dixon Sample Sale, W10

I love a good sample sale. Give me clothes, shoes, jewellery and I'm bound to pop by (some 'experimental' outfits are fairly sure to be purchased). But when I hear about a homewares sample sales then I get really excited. And there are a few interiors shops that get my heart racing even faster...

So when I heard about the Tom Dixon Family & Friends sample sale (don't worry we're all friends here) it didn't take me long to put on my serious shopping shoes and make a mad dash to Ladbroke Grove.
I wasn't disappointed. After quite an amusing route to the sale - including this rather lovely view along the canal...
I found the sale itself that allowed a proper rummage through the last season's products at a reduction of up to 70%. Which made these classic-cool designs from one of the smartest British designers totally affordable. The products available were mainly beautifully turned wooden furniture...
Signature metallic lighting (if you look carefully you might be able to spot Ms. Fay in reflection here)...
And lots of fluro orange. I like.
These latticed gold Etch Shades were the star of the show with differing prices (depending of whether seconds or shown in the shop I think...) making them really well-priced.
Unfortunately I don't think my little terrace could take one very well. So I went for this mini version (for a tealight!) a designer bargain for £10.50.
If you can make it down, the sale ends this Sunday 3rd July. There be bargains there...go if you can.

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