Monday, 14 June 2010

Daylesford Organic, SW1

After an easy start I think it is time to adventure further I took a trip a little bit West to SW1 to explore one of London's acclaimed antiques districts - the Pimlico Road. Famous for traditional older furniture and art, I wanted to take my own angle on it to see if it could also cater for my younger (ahem - still *officially* in my 20s) tastes.

I'm pleased to say my visit was a success - particularly as I got swayed by the duo of Daylesford Organic stores on the road.

Pimlico Road houses Daylesford's store and café on one side of Orange Square, on the other sits the Garden shop.

The store itself is a stylish destination. Its grand white marble floors feel up-market and super clean, but the warm bevelled edges of the marble on the tabletops and sweeping stairs don't lose the venue any warmth. The shop sells homely, substantial kitchenware that has the side of utilitarian design that I love. Think walnut pestle and mortars, heart shaped marble cutting boards and organic cotton throws. The range also includes fabulous fresh foods (cheeses, meats, veg and cakes - yes amazing organic cakes) that originate from Daylesford's organic farm.
The Garden shop has a great appeal too. With tactile plants and flowers on easy-to-reach display you would be hard pushed to avoid running your hands through their latest crop of lavender or rosemary. On sale are rustic, but sturdy, garden essentials made from solid woods and metals as well as top quality in-season flora.

I think that the addition of these shops was a great move for the area, leading on from the fabulous (yet expensive) shops like Linley on the adding an extra eco youthful helping of organic.


  1. Lavender plants in the garden shop sound good to me - Daisy, I love the way you take your photos! Huma x

  2. Aw thank you! I love your blog, so most flattered by the sweet comment.x

  3. I just hope they start making a profit it's sister company Bamford and sons has closed and Daylesford already seems to have closed the it's Harvey Nicks outlet

  4. Oh no really? What a shame. Here's hoping it does make a profit. It's such a nice quality store, we need more like this opening not closing!