Monday, 28 June 2010

Seaside style: B is for Bert's

My (very) mini (sub) tour to Brighton took me past one of my favourite coastal stores - Bert's a homewares shop that manages to pull off kitsch and homely, while still being super practical.

Bert's is a popular store in sunny Brighton providing quality kitchenware to our South Coast friends. All year round you can rely on Bert's for all your nicest kitchen pieces; everything from cute egg poachers and all the kitchen gizmos you can think essentials like cool-looking pans and handy steamers.

While their seasonal specials are especially good in Brighton's favourite season - summer (can anyone think of an excuse for this Londoner to buy a Crab Bucket??)

I in fact came home and remembered by last Bert's purchase - a vintage green scale for a bargain £15 if my memory serves me correctly. Already a staple in my little kitchen (matching bow added by soppy owner).

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