Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Summer interiors challenge

Summer has finally made it to London (sorta) and the time has come for me to give myself a little challenge. Ok so it might not be a too challenging challenge cos I think I might like it, a lot.

I'm going to make my own little interiors map of London, I'll be travelling to different parts of my rambling city (from old faves to new pastures) to build up a Daisy Fay guide to the top spots for interiors shopping and admiring.

So watch this space for tales of my travel checking out everywhere from the swish interior designer haven of Chelsea Harbour to hip retro special Brick Lane and even down to the forgotten corners of good old South London.

Fab image of a paper cut London via Famille Summerbelle


  1. Fantastic idea and what a lot of fun. If you come across any homes you think good enough to appear in a magazine please get in touch. As an interiors photographer always looking for great interiors. I pay the owner £100 if a magazine commissions it.

  2. Thanks Carl - I'll keep my eyes peeled!

  3. Hi Daisy
    I would love to have a guide of ID shops in London. A friend gave me hers for Paris and I loved every second of it!!! Do you know @agirlsguidetoparis? They might be a good example for you to get ideas from?
    You have an interesting take on things, I like your writing...Is it wrong to say more pics would be nice???
    I look forward to reading your blog.

  4. Hi Sharon, thanks for your kind words!

    I've just had a peek at @agirlsguidetoparis - it looks fab, she's put together an amazing comprehensive and personal guide - thank you for introducing me to it (now I just have to persuade the boy to take me to gai Paris!) It's a great example to help me with my own lil guide I think!

    Thank you also for your point on pictures. I totally agree and spent yesterday visiting my first few haunts and taking lots of pics! So post to follow later today!

    Daisy x