Thursday 23 November 2017


I've got to admit I think I might have a design crush on this one: Laura Slater is a British pattern and print textile designer. Her distinctive painterly dots, dashes and curves in tonal colours make beautiful homeware products. Each of her pieces has a unique feel drawn from the warm hand-drawn quality of her designs. 

I think it's the naive, easy lines and bold colours that draw me to her work and keep me wondering what's coming next. 

Her designs first appeared on textile products but she has transferred her designs onto a whole range of products other than cushions, lampshades and throws. Her abstract, bold prints can be spotted across wallpapers, prints and even a clothes collection

I first came across Laura Slater when I was working with SMUG and PR'd an exclusive cushion collection. She's also been picked up by lots of other retailers for collaborations using her graphic designs like Heal's, the Tate and her clothes range for John Lewis - from which I have my only personal piece of hers - the lovely shirt I'm wearing in the picture below (it was my birthday outfit - hence the cards!). But believe me I'll be adding to my collection someday soon.

I've been coveting this quilt of hers since I saw it at a trade show many moons ago - I think I missed the boat with this particular product but I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more lovely pieces.

In fact I've just discovered this range of hand-screenprinted birch ply wood kitchenware - which might just have to be the piece make its way onto my dining table one day...

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