Monday, 26 May 2014

This week in numbers: 19 - 26 May

1. Height of the BT Tower: 191m. Gulp. Yes indeed, this week I was lucky enough to go up this bad boy...
My level on excitement up there: super high. My level of vertigo up there: low (too busy gawping at the view), until it started SPINNING. But a rotating view won over any vertigo sharpish - it was truly amazing, the best views of this pretty darn cool city. 
Here's fellow blogging pal Fabric of my Life snapping away (it was pretty hard to *stop* to be honest!)...
Thanks for the lovely Google City Experts team for getting me up there! Ok one more pic of the view just because...well look at it! 
2. Number of envelopes stuffed: 7000 at home, 300 at work. It's been an envelope stuffing kinda week. 
3. Hours spent on delayed trains to get to-and-from Hastings: 5. Reasons to go there 1, bank holiday innit. And yes, of course, it rained the whole time.
4. Barbecues attended: 2. Again I refer you to bank holiday traditions. 
5. Anniversary date for Habitat: 50. Happy Birthday Habitat! A perpetual *fave* here are my very best pieces from this British institution - my beautiful birthday rocker
And this classic laundry basket which I think *might* be almost as old as me...but is still hauling my clothes about on a daily basis.
6. Second copy of a book bought thanks to Blook Club: 1 a hard copy of Everyday Sexism as I've this is a book I'm going to *have* to lend...

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