Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Perfect Tea Towel: Sam Wingate

As you might have noticed (since I have been banging on about it since bloody November) I have moved house. 

I've given up my beloved South London to come to the East. It's a bit of a change moving from a cosy two bed maisonette to a huge basement flat and sharing with five (soon to be six - cos it's really not that much different once you get past four...) people. And I'm liking it - lots. We've got loadsa room and moving in with lovely friends to a fun bit of town is rather nice indeed. Also (I'm sure you'll be relieved to hear) the cat approves. 

Anyway as the official inauguration of my auspicious move to the East it seems only fitting to dedicate this week's Perfect Tea Towel to my (far too much talked about) move. 

So I've picked this excellent hand-printed tea towel from a local East End designer/maker Sam Wingate (who I saw talk last year at the first Crafty Fox Talks about his creative journey as a designer - very inspiring indeed for anyone starting out in the creative industry).

Sam is an illustrator with a great eye for the grit and grandeur of the East End, who included this Royal Oak Tea Towel design in his hand-drawn East End Pub Crawl Series. Also I spent New Year at this very pub natch.

p.s. I'd be interested to meet up with other bloggers/twitter pals in my new yard - so hit me up if you want to arrange a Hackney tweet up!

Royal Oak Tea Towel, from Sam Wingate, price £12.50  

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